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Whizascoot was one of the first companies to define personal mobility in Malta – the country with the second most congested road network on the planet and a very dense urban landscape. The notion of electric scooters for last-mile travel required a cultural shift in favour of sharing a mode of transport rather than owning one – a behavioural change that is rewarding ecologically but that also saves time and money.

With Whizascoot we opted for a business model that combines our investment in infrastructure with an existing platform for personal mobility sharing. Doing so, we created a cleaner, more sustainable mode of transport that the market reacted to with great enthusiasm and we are now on a growth path that takes our inherent scalability and fully intends to export the model to Europe and beyond.

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Whizascoot was set up in 2018 with the intention of operating a multi modal shared transportation service under the brand of Whizascoot. Together with a software service provider, the brand serves a growing audience with over 200 electric vehicles, 100 kick scooters, and an end-user app which allows for reservations and rentals.