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EV Charging

Starting as an extension of our ctPark brand and quickly growing into a dominant player in the EV charging industry, ctServices is a specialist in electric vehicle charging. Launching with a project of ambitious size and scope, ctServices is in the process of installing 130 electric charging stations and we are extending this offering to ctPark car parks and private residences, confirming our position as one of the leading brands in EV charging.

With the our infrastructure in place, we are focused on delivering cutting-edge software for EV charging stations that will greatly simplify the experience for public or private charging stations. We approach every activity with a long-term vision, one that will be sustainable and ecologically sound. Our platform is ready for the shared economy that our society is rapidly accelerating towards and residential EV chargers are already equipped to service their neighbourhood rather than just the residence owner.

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Electric charging points installed up to March 2021

About ctServices

ctServices, a subsidiary to ctPark has a main focus on electric charging stations. Following a successful bid, ctServices is in the process of equipping with over 130 charging stations to be used by the man on the streets.

ctServices has a partnership with international brands like Efacec whereby our staff are fully trained to service and maintain the charging stations, both public and residential.