• A track record of

    innovative investment

The group is built on a singular focus – that of nurturing the people who make the organization thrive. We encourage internal creativity which allows us to seek opportunities in niche or unusual markets. This has allowed us to diversify our investment portfolio.

Our success stories are built on solid relationships with the companies we team up with, allowing them to operate independently and to unlock their maximum potential. Whilst offering structure and financial support we encourage an independent spirit to persist.

Our extensive experience has taught us that innovation and diversification are part of our success and that they are only sustainable through impeccable corporate governance. And it is the notion of sustainability that drives us to an even brighter future as we develop and invest in business that will leave lasting value to the public, our clients, and to the remarkable team that our group of companies is made up of.

Numbers speak

louder than words.

The entrepreneurial spirit of the group has allowed the organization to venture into new business opportunities allowing for further growth year on year. Today, the company boasts a group turnover of over 70 million per annum, over 15 companies under its business portfolio in over 5 industry sectors.