Our Organisation

KDM Investments is a privately held company with significant investments in leading operating companies in a wide range of industry sectors. The Company has invested in, managed and provided strategic direction to its portfolio businesses with a focus on building long-term sustainable value.

KDM Investments is an organisation that has always relied on and has built its success on two main areas of strength:

  • Strategic foresight of emerging business opportunities combined
  • Solid expertise in the chosen industry.

A solid knowledge base at the management level enables  KDM Investments to concentrate on a variety of business fields with a wide portfolio active in market sectors such as Travel, Aviation, Parking and Traffic Management, Security & Enforcement, and other markets including Financial Services and ICT. As opportunities arise we will continue to expand on our premium brands and product range and actively seek new opportunities to integrate these into  KDM Investments portfolio.

KDM strategy for sustainability and growth is underpinned by three fundamental principles:

  1. Industry and operating focus
  2. A lean organisation and cost structure
  3. Investment and diversification into new industries

We plan to penetrate new business areas and concentrate on business ideas and concepts that promise rapid market maturity and growth.