We pride ourselves in our ability to recognise, adapt and tap into new business opportunities within and outside our core areas of expertise.

The hallmark of KDM Investments is recognizing emerging industry trends, targeting investment in profitable business segments and achieving sustainable growth in our home market, as well as internationally.



Security & Enforcment

Parking & Traffic


We are flexible and efficient, helping aspiring medium-size companies to operate independently and to grow and achieve their potential for success.

KDM Investments supports its consolidated subsidiaries with financing and strategic business management however, they operate fully independently with their own management structure. Many years of experience in servicing our core markets gives us the independence and confidence to build on sustainable success and seek further industry diversification. We are always on the look out for the next new challenge.

Mission and Values

Know no bounds

  • We always ensure that If there is a better way, we will find it together
  • We practice a thinking outside the box approach
  • We make sure that we are always one step ahead

Driving Ambition

  • We embody excellence – in the decisions we make and the products and services we deliver
  • We build trust in our relationship through honest and ethical behaviour
  • We believe that your success is our yardstick for our KPIs

Make it happen

  • We deliver a quality service which is responsive, courteous and efficient
  • We work together with you to make it a difference
  • We have the internal resources and expertise to source and deliver on our commitment