Aviaserve is Malta’s only truly independent Ground Handling Agent

Aviaserve is Malta’s only truly independent Ground Handling Agent: one of two entities that are fully licensed to conduct passenger, ramp and cargo handling services at Malta International Airport.

In an industry that too often adopts a one-sized formula, we pride ourselves in offering a highly customized level of service, which is entirely tailored around our individual customers’ requirements.

Aviaserve is driven by an uncompromising commitment to safety, reliability, on-time performance and customer service. We deploy the very highest industry standards in the course of our operation and view this as a means of differentiating ourselves from competition. This strategy has underpinned the significant growth in Aviaserve’s local market share.

In preparation for our 2018 summer months the company has increased its headcount and has also introduced new positions including that of Duty Managers all in an effort to retain quality and customer service that is expected from an organization that prides itself with exceptional service.

With a staff compliment of 450 that serves over 2 million passengers each year we are proud to state that we handle over 17000 flights per annum and we have a 97.5% station on-time performance (OTP) record for 2017