The Growth of Top 3 Holdings Ltd

Kdm Investments together with  its partners within Top 3 Holdings Ltd  have been involved  together in  the travel business for a number of years with their main area of specialization being  both Corporate  and leisure Travel.  The company has  in fact come a long way  in terms of market share  and through a series of mergers and acquisitions, it has now established itself as the main Travel Management Company in Malta servicing various local and multinational companies and having a team of more than 50 employees in it’s current set up. The company also  manages Stellina Holidays and has  other various business interests in North Africa.

Throughout the years, Top 3 Holdings Ltd as the main company behind the travel organization has undergone business diversification and whilst still maintaining it’s specialization  and focus on Travel Consultancy through it’s global brand FCM Travel Solutions, the  holding company has  now  invested    in other sectors ranging from Contract Cleaning under the Briiz brand , and also lately in real estate under the franchise of Ben Estate Commercials.  Other projects are also very much in the pipeline and will allow the Holding company to grow further in the coming years.

A spokesman for the Group said  that it is of utmost importance to associate ourselves with reputable partners who have a name and a proven track record. We have partnered up with Ben Estates as we feel that this is a company who has also come a long way and their vision in terms of core values are very similar to ours.  Furthermore , we also believe that partnering up with Briiz will give this company the appropriate support and direction needed for further growth within the industry