• The global investment landscape is shifting beneath our feet.

    Faster than ever before.

  • A track record of

    innovative investment

At one end we have the conservative world of

investment and this is rapidly losing steam.

At the other end a new era of highly volatile

opportunities are being created, and

destroyed, every day.

There are winners and there are losers

and choosing sides is becoming increasingly obscure.

Those on the conservative end are running out of options that just about beat inflation.

The highly volatile currencies, tokens, and markets have seen endless boom and bust cycles, and some tremendous gains have been made. Of course, we know this also means losses at the other end.

  • For two decades, KDM has put smart

    money to work where it matters.

Innovative does not have to meannovel. When we invested in private parking we imported a successful business model to a market that did not yet see the benefits. With our partners, we grew a market that did not exist locally, showing that smart money can give greater returns when creativity meets strong governance.

With a cunning mix of strong partnerships, thorough research, an understanding of markets that are about to blossom, and an unusually creative flair in an industry that’s remarkably conservative, we have shown that there is a balance between high returns and confidence in one’s investment.