The KDM Group has a long track record in the security and enforcement sector and was instrumental in shaping the industry in Malta through the introduction of professionally run security and enforcement services.  As a major stakeholder in the Local Enforcement System, the Group established the first Private Public Partnership with government which led to the establishment of a company totally dedicated to local enforcement.  This was a first in Malta and arguably also in Europe, offering professional and established practices that are fully compliant with international standards. The strength and professionalism of our operations in this sector were recognised by G4S plc and culminated in the merger of our operations into this global company. This has enabled the Group to invest and ultimately acquire a major stake in G4S Malta, an organisation which has developed into an independent and highly successful security solutions company. The Group continues to play a major role in shaping the management structure and strategic direction of the company, and will continue to prospect and source other investment opportunities that are complementary to our portfolio of services.