ICT – DataByte
The investment into this sector by the Group was a strategic decision prompted by two key factors. These were to service the IT requirements of all the portfolio companies within the Group, and eventually to build this to a sufficient level to take to market. This was achieved by an investment into Databyte Limited where the additional equity injection and the management expertise of the Group were brought to bear. The company is now an established service provider in the IT sector recognised for its software development capabilities coupled with its networking expertise, training and long-term maintenance support.

Franchising – Malta Franchising Limited
The KDM Group plans to continue to seek new investment opportunities in line with its long term strategy of diversification and increased profitability. An integral aspect of this road map was the investment the Group made in the creation of a special purpose vehicle with the remit to prospect for and source new franchises internationally. Malta Franchising Limited was thus created and has since been very active in the franchising world.  MFL has successfully positioned itself in this industry and is now actively sought by Franchisors to establish a presence in Malta and North Africa using the resources of the KDM Group. The Caremark franchise was an early success of MFL and discussions are ongoing with potential franchises to join the KDM portfolio of investments.